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Our Naturopathic Doctor :: Dr. Eda Tong

The Day It All Started…

Dr. Eda Tong

Dr. Eda Tong

It all started 25 years ago when I seriously decided to raise my family with a natural health approach. I am passionate about holistic practice because I had a wake up call 25 years ago. My oldest brother passed away from cancer at the young age of 48 yrs old. After that, I decided I am taking responsibility to raise my family naturally without drugs. Taking the best nutritional supplements is now a very important to me and my family.

My Doctorate Journey

That was the beginning of my path to search the natural way to take care of my 3 children and husband. The more I know from this holistic field, the more I wanted to learn. So I decided to pursue the diploma of Naturopathic Doctor, Homeopathic Doctor, Iridologist and Sclerologist 15 years ago. During the past 15 years of working with my clients, I have learned a lot about degenerating diseases and what are the root causes of them. My intention was to educate my clients the right approach to have great health, not only for when they were ill, but also on how to increase their body’s immunity long term.

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