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Back In Business and Ready To Serve You

You’ll be excited to know that we will re-open on Monday, May 4 to serve our community with Essential AND Wellness Chiropractic Services.

Your decision around your care is completely up to you. We want you to feel comfortable but also acknowledge the need for those patients that require our help. If you are experiencing a need for chiropractic services, we are here for you. You can schedule your appointments through texting or calling us at (713) 521-2104.

There are a few things we want you to be aware of prior to making or coming to your scheduled appointment:

  • Please be on time for all appointments. You will be in and out.
  • We ask that you remain in your car if you arrive early and enter no earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • There will be only one person at a time receiving an adjustment (families will be adjusted together).
  • A mask is required by our staff and by you, so please come wearing a mask.
  • We ask that you wash your hands immediately on arrival at the office. The bathroom will be stocked with soap and paper towels.
  • Please do not bring unnecessary items or belongings to the office. Leave purses and other large items either at home or locked in the trunk of your car. Pockets are great to use for cellphones and keys, etc.  There will be no use of lockers or baskets.
  • We will have pens for any required documents or paperwork and they are yours to keep.
  • We have taken great measures with cleaning and sanitizing our office and continue to maintain our already high standards of sensitization for everyone’s safety.
  • We continue to follow the CDC  and local and state rules surrounding all safety guidelines.

**IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT YOUR APPOINTMENT**  You will receive a TEXT message 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to confirm along with asking some initial questions that will help us support you better during this time. Please be on the lookout for that TEXT.

Two hours prior, on the day of your appointment, you will receive a text for a “virtual check-in” so that you do not have to touch the computer when you come in. Please respond and let us know in detail how you are doing, what spinal symptoms you are experiencing, and any other health concerns you would like addressed on that visit. This will expedite your visit time and help keep you safe.

We know that this is just the beginning of getting back to optimal health for you and your family as this is our top priority while keeping everyone safe. We’re in this together and we’ll come out stronger and more focused on priorities, which includes our health.

Sending love and light,

Dr. Jackie

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