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Connecting with Healing Opportunities

If you’re like most of our country, you are VERY stressed about the current events.

Because stress has such a major impact on our health, function and yes, the immune system, I wanted to make sure you were aware of some upcoming opportunities.

If you have ever heard me tell my story about how I became a Chiropractor, and specifically a Network Chiropractor, then you have heard me talk about Dr. Donny Epstein, the founder of NetworkSpinal Chiropractic Care, and his work called Somato Respiratory Integration (aka The 12 Stages of Healing, aka SRI).

WE have a huge opportunity to join in a 12-Day Journey with SRI discovering the work with Donny himself.

WE all are invited, including your friends and loved ones to experience the magic from a front-row seat at your personal device with him and our worldwide community! At these turbulent times join the creator and developer to upgrade your resourcefulness!

Receive the FREE GIFT of this exciting and impactful experiential journey that begins

SATURDAY, March 28 at 1:00pm CST




Join a nationwide webinar that my colleague, Dr. Steve Tullius, is giving this evening, March 26th at 8:00pm CST.

He will be diving into this critically important topic of stress and it’s physiological effects and sharing immediate action steps to lessen the impact of the stress gripping the nation as well as strategies to strengthen and build a healthy and resilient body and mind.

Dr. Steve will be coming to you LIVE in this FREE webinar on Thur., Mar. 26 at 8 pm CST for this national address.

The STRESS we are all feeling is inevitable, but it’s IMPACT on our health doesn’t have to be!

Register NOW to put our nation’s and our families’ HEALTH back into our hands.

Webinar space is LIMITED so be sure to click the link below to register NOW before it reaches capacity:


Thank you for being a part of our practice! Please reach out thru means below if you would like to schedule a 1-on-1 SRI Session with Dr. Jackie or just talk on the phone regarding any questions that you have or support you may need.

We are honored to serve you!

With love,
Dr. Jackie

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