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Keeping Our Community Connected

Thank you for being a part of our practice. You are truly valued, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

We may have all been put on “stay home” orders until April 30th but our lives and our health have not been put on hold!  We are steadfast and determined to come out of this even stronger than we were before, and we are committed to supporting you for the outcomes you desire for your health and life now and for your future!


  • How can I become stronger, physically and emotionally, while living in isolation?
  • What do I need most to create progress in my life now?
  • How can Dr. Jackie serve me most in my health and life right now?

To keep your care moving forward, Dr. Jackie has put together some great tools for you!


Dr. Jackie is offering a Complimentary 30-minute virtual consultation and/or health and life coaching session for all practice members. This can be used to have a conversation just to check-in or to give you support during this situation in a way that helps you move forward, connect with your inner warrior and become stronger in any area of your life – physical, mental, emotional. To request your complimentary virtual consultation text us at 713-521-2104.

Dr. Jackie is offering several other services:

  • MOVEMENT! Exercise instructions: Thru virtual consultation and demonstration, let Dr. Jackie guide you with advice for your specific situation and condition.
  • BREATH! Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) Virtual Sessions: SRI was designed as an integral part of Network Care. Once learned, the SRI Exercises of breath and movement can be used anytime as a powerful tool for stress relief and personal connection to gain progress in your life. Dr. Jackie has been studying SRI for as long as she has been practicing Network Chiropractic (since 1996). In her practice, she has guided private sessions, group classes and weekend workshops on “The 12 Stages of Healing”. There is no better technique to learn for your progress while your Network entrainments are on temporary sabbatical.
  • GROWTH! Life Coaching for mindset and moving forward. Don’t let the saboteur of limited mind thinking keep you down. Use this time for your personal gain and to be all you were meant to be.  Dr. Jackie has been studying personal growth and development, life vision manifesting, and human dynamics since she was a young adult. She has trained with the Tony Robbins Companies in Life Mastery and Leadership and is a Certified Life Coach with Bonfire Coaching. The strategies she offers empowers her clients in creating the life they would absolutely love to live.
  • FUN! Basic Drumming Instructions. Dr. Jackie has studied drumming with some of the best Master Drummers and Drum Circle Facilitators in the world. If you are interested in spending some time learning some basic fun rhythmical rudiments that you can apply to any circle let us know and let’s get you having some fun. NOTE: No instrument is required. You do not need to have a drum in your home to learn this, we will get creative.

To request an appointment – text 713-521-2104

Don’t forget to join our Facebook GroupInnate Wellness Rockstars. This group is meant to empower our community to stay in a positive mindset, to share fun activities, share helpful health information, FB live events and more. We hope to see you over there.

We are honored to serve you!

With love,
Dr. Jackie


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