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Three Ways to Keep Your Knees Healthy for Life

If you have knee problems, you know what a toll they take on your life. You can’t bend down, walk around or be active with your loved ones. You’re probably in pain most of the time and resort to taking pain medications to get through the day. You may have already had a surgery or are considering getting a knee replacement. In the right situation, surgery can work wonders. We’d like you to consider, however, to start with a more conservative option first.

We have three main pieces of advice that we give to our patients with knee-related problems:

man lacing up running shoes

  1. Listen to your body. It’ll tell you what you need! When you are in touch with your body’s innate wisdom will allow you to hear subtle cues rather than waiting until an issue becomes so impactful that you can’t live how you’d like to. Our technique, NetworkSpinal Analysis, is well-known for helping people get more in touch with their bodies.
  2. Wear Foot Levelers. These custom-made orthotics aren’t anything like the ones you can buy over-the-counter in a store. We start by taking a 3D scan of all three arches in your feet. These advanced scans are used in the Foot Levelers laboratory to create your orthotics.
  3. Get adjusted. With our form of chiropractic care, we can enhance your body awareness and your mind-body connection. You’ll be able to instantly recognize your needs and get the attention you deserve and require to stay well.

Start with the noninvasive, gentle and natural solutions that we offer as Houston’s best gentle touch chiropractor. Contact Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center today to schedule your first appointment!

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