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Reviews From Our Houston Chiropractic Patients

What New patients Are Saying About Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center

Here are some additional reviews reinforcing how Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center has helped them overcome pain and enjoy true wellness. Feel free to read through these additional patients reviews and then call our Houston office to find out how we can help you.

Dr. Jackie is Amazing!!

“I am quite happy with the outcomes from my care. I’ve started making several life changes as a result of feeling more centered. I’m more aware of movement in my body which is a real pleasure. Dr. Jackie is amazing!!”

– SONIA S. (Houston, TX)

Instability in My Knee

For the past 6 months, I have been working hard to regain my physical health while being limited by significant instability in my knee. It not only hindered my training, but also impacted day to day activities including the basics of walking.
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After my 3rd appointment with Dr. Jackie St.Cyr yesterday afternoon, I headed to Texas Coast Karate to be put through the rigors of my regular Thursday class with Master Wayne Boozer. After unwinding from class I realized something was different. I was no longer favoring my knee. EUREKA! Really? I was compelled to test it further, so I jogged back and forth in the living room a few times. I felt totally supported by my knee!!! Dr. Jackie has renewed my faith in myself. Now I KNOW I CAN complete the 44 mile Project Athena hike through the Grand Canyon this fall. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

– MICHELLE B. (Houston, TX)

Dramatic Reduction in Pain

Since I have been coming here, I have noticed a dramatic reduction in the amount of pain in my lower back. My range of motion has increased, and I have noticed more strength in my core. I really appreciate how encouraging and positive Dr. Jackie is–most doctors do not take the time to do this or get to know their patients. I also like the fun activities that you have–like outside adjustments and Wellness Wednesday. I also like the opportunity to help with charitable projects and donations.

– JESSICA S. (Houston, TX)

Knee Pain

I came here because my knees hurt really badly. Now my knees don’t hurt anymore – I also don’t take things as personally, smile more, smell more and have had the courage and motivation to start piano lessons.

– Barbara H. – 04/18/97

I was Very Skeptical

When I first came to Dr. Jackie in November 1997, I was very skeptical. This was a new concept to me and I wasn’t quite sure how it could work, much less believe that it would. I had recently been diagnosed with a herniated disc at L4-L5 and L5-L6 and had been experiencing what I considered bad pain for several years.
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I attended a lecture & demonstration and allowed Dr. Jackie to give me a sample of her technique. Lo and behold, I was pain free for the next three days. I still didn’t understand how it worked, but I had become a believer!

I’m now in Level 2 and moving into Level 3. From the top of my spine to its very end, my back has become stronger and more flexible. I’m not experiencing the pain that was previously there. I don’t know if the herniation has corrected itself or not; all I know is it no longer dictates a lifestyle to me. I have more endurance than I have had in 10 years. My body is showing me how to let it correct itself. I thank God for bringing me to Dr. Jackie!

– Sandi E.

A Release From Pain

Let’s see now, what has happened here that is positive? Well, for starters I have experienced a release from pain but perhaps more importantly I have experienced, discovered, realized (whatever) a better understanding of my body and it’s interrelatedness of how it feels and responds. This has made me more aware of how negative things, such as stress, can alter my muscles and thereafter other things. Also – I have noticed or learned how to relax better and allow my mind to drift a bit rather than focus upon other things too much.

– Elaine M. – 04/16/97

Better Able to Cope

I began Network Chiropractic care in 1994, at what I thought was a low point in my life. Within a few weeks, I began to notice that I was better able to cope with the disappointments of life. Within a few months, I found that I no longer experienced disappointments, but “opportunities for growth and healing.”
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After Dr. St.Cyr opened her chiropractic center (thank you for locating just blocks from my home), I scheduled at least a weekly appointment with her. Whenever my body tells me that something is “out of whack”, I call Dr. St.Cyr. Whether it is a reminder from my muscles, my joints, or even allergies, sore throat, dizziness, Dr. St.Cyr’s hands-on approach to getting me back in touch with my innate, is always the first step to health.

One of my favorite aspects of Dr. St.Cyr’s practice is the “Manifest your Dreams Workshops” she facilitates. Awesome results have manifested in my life from these workshops. In addition, I have met some very powerful, spiritual, and gifted people among the participants in these events.

Dr. St.Cyr, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being in my life, and sharing your gifts so freely.

I also recommend that anyone seeing Dr. St.Cyr, strongly consider having a therapeutic massage from Bonnie Reed. I am a licensed massage therapist, and Bonnie has such a wonderful technique, that I would rather pay her for a massage, than trade out with any other therapist in town. Warning: Please use caution operating machinery or driving following a massage/adjustment combination.

– Rae W. – 11/04/98

Chiropractic care for 10 Month Old

My daughter is 20 months old. She has had Network Chiropractic for several months. She had been sleeping better and her constant colds have stopped. After she gets adjusted she is more alert, more loving and has more energy.

– Ruth F. – 04/16/97

Sharon C. – Voice mail message to Dr. St.Cyr 05/20/98, 9:27am

“Jackie, this is Sharon. I just wanted to tell you, and I’m not real sure what you’re doing there but, I walked out of your office this morning with NO pain in the back, and with what I walked in with this is an incredible change. It’s almost like being revitalized here. So anyway, I just wanted to let you know.”

A Healthy Choice

Network Chiropractic has given me back my power in my body. I have a choice today – a Healthy choice! I am experiencing Growth (even at my age of 55 1/2) – physically, spiritually and emotionally. I love my journey.

– Kay B. – 04/16/97

I’m Surprised How Different I Fell After an Adjustment

Dear Jackie, since I began coming to see you, just over a week ago, it’s slowly dawning on me how I crick my neck. I’m beginning to notice how I feel a nervy pain in my neck if I overdo certain things, like painting or reading which means holding my head forward, or when I push myself and don’t get enough sleep, and especially if I feel angry, threatened, defensive or afraid.
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A lot is being released in my daily life, as well as during adjustments, and I need to do restoring, nurturing things to let a new template come in. This can be as simple as not having coffee before and adjustment!

I’m surprised how different I feel after an adjustment. It really does feel like you release blockages just by touching the covering of my spine. I can feel them release. Afterwards I feel fluid and clear and the world feels more spacious. It’s important to retrain myself and hold this gently as long as I can. Thanks very much, especially for the good rapport.

– Sue M. – 04/25/97

Chiropractors are a Gift from God!

This was the first testimonial written for me when I was doing my internship at Parker College of Chiropractic – Dr. Jackie

Chiropractors are a gift from God! They are trained to locate and fix whatever is wrong with the physical body. They also heal in other ways, such as: hugging, listening and caring about their practice members. When a person lives alone, a human touch or hug can make one feel better.
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I have been going to Parker Clinic for many years. I am 67 years old, and able to work full time. But this would not be possible without chiropractic care! For years I was on prescription drugs for arthritis and emotional problems. I was divorced at the age of 53, and had never worked in the real work world before that time. So I am thankful for chiropractors who care for me, listen to me, and fix my broken body when it hurts.

– Gladys G. – 11/09/94

Extreme Lower Back & Leg Pain

On July 18th, just 2 weeks ago, I walked into Dr. St.Cyr’s clinic for the first time with extreme lower back and leg pain. It was my first adjustment with a network chiropractor. Immediately after my first visit, I began to notice an incredible improvement in my condition.
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Prior to seeing Dr. St.Cyr on that day, I was taking pain killers roughly every four hours every day. Between my first and second visit with Dr. St.Cyr, (2 1/2 days), I took only aspirin. The pain had subsided significantly and I could walk for longer distances without stopping. Prior to seeing Dr. St.Cyr, I could not walk for more than a few feet without experiencing intense leg cramps and sharp pains in my lower back. After my first visit with Dr. St.Cyr, I took my daughter shopping in a mall and walked for 4 hours relatively pain free.

Since my first visit, I have been seeing Dr. St.Cyr 3 times a week. Each visit has produced less and less discomfort and more mobility. What had become a daily circumstance of pain for over seven months was quickly dissolving into an occasional moment of discomfort. Last weekend, I was actually able to run (a few feet) for the first time all year.

Three weeks ago I was afraid that I would need back surgery to repair my problem. Now, I believe that continued treatment will completely restore all my normal leg and back functions. It is truly a miracle in my life.

– Lisa L. – 07/29/97

Many Positive Transitions

Chiropractic care came at a time in my life when I needed someone to help me over a very rough time. The care I have received using Network Chiropractic and all of the other modalities that come with it is great – has helped me make many positive transitions I might have not made.

– Beverly S. – 04/16/97

Initially I was Skeptical

I have known Dr. St.Cyr for years as a friend, even before she became a Chiropractor. I’d always believed in her as a person. I watched her, upon graduation, become disenchanted with “traditional chiropractic” and break off on her own to begin practicing this “Network Chiropractic”.
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Being on her own now, I saw her pitch Network Chiropractic for everything from headaches to muscle soreness to improving the immune system. It seemed she believed that there was virtually nothing that could not be at least affected by Network Chiropractic. At times it was a bit annoying.

People whom I knew that she practiced this rather strange technique on never failed to improve yet I was a die hard “snap, crackle, pop” person that had not used chiropractic since about 1990 after a car accident. I just could not comprehend how such a light, delicate touch could produce an affect on the nervous system and supportive musculature. I honestly thought that people that I knew were either experiencing the placebo effect or were just too nice to admit it was a hoax and continued to go so as not to hurt Dr. St.Cyr’s feelings or hoping things would change at some point.

Well, that’s the entire God’s honest truth, until I gave it an honest consistent chance to work for me. Dr. St.Cyr had been in private practice on her own using Network Chiropractic for quite some time, a year or two, before I gave in and decided to give it a try. I had become involved in competitive power lifting and had been training for about 6 months or so when I began looking for a way to alleviate stress on my lower back and at the same time gain some flexibility to improve my form on the 3 lifts – squat, bench and dead lift. I had seen many a training partner and/or coach go through surgery or other invasive procedure in order to restore the ability to compete after an injury. I had not seen very much success either with the rehab of those injuries after the procedures and I simply did not want to become the next to become injured. I was encouraged to begin seeing a chiropractor and was referred to one that had a very reasonable “maintenance program” that I could afford. The only drawback was that his practice was in Humble, Texas. I was willing to travel from the Hobby Airport area and back a few times a week, but just for grins, I called Dr. St.Cyr to see if she could even come close to offering a similar program for me. We had lunch and discussed my goals and then returned to her office to discuss the financial aspect. We came to an agreement and that started my undergoing Network Chiropractic.

Initially I was skeptical as to the benefits after almost all of my visits, but I was committed to giving it an honest chance, yet I was also just as committed to being honest with myself about the results and if it was working for me. I was not about to throw my money down the drain as my budget was stretched to the max with this new financial commitment. Then it happened and it was quite sudden, my lower back had for the first time in about 8 months felt recuperated from such tortuous exercise and I felt no pain, not even a nagging ache that I had previously accepted as the price to pay in order to be as good as I wanted to be. It really was unbelievable especially to me the skeptic that I had been. I am, after a couple of months of the first level of treatment experiencing a tremendous reduction in the build-up of stress on my spine, an increase in flexibility of the spine that affects my overall flexibility from head to toe, and what I was looking for, the results are showing up in my athletic ability. My total, the combined weights I’m able to lift with all 3 lifts has already increased by about 50 pounds in about a 3 month period of training. I am participating in a National Power lifting Meeting in just over a week and all of my lifts are up from the meet I participated in just over 3 months ago. 40 or 50 pound gains are pretty amazing in such a brief period of time in this sport.

The long and short of the whole thing is that I never waste my money on anything that does not give me the result I seek and Dr. St.Cyr, after months and even years of me avoiding even giving Network Chiropractic a fair chance, was very accommodating and so far very convincing. The old spinal patterns of past auto accidents and/or other traumatic physical accidents are beginning to correct themselves through Network. Other methods simply treated the symptoms of pain associated with subluxations, I’m finally getting those patterns cleared out. It is a slower process as far as results, but I believe the results will prove to be deeper and more lasting. My confidence grows each time I discover a change that supports my goals.

– Renee O. – 05/14/98

Stress Headaches

Stress headaches had been my almost daily companion for five years. A visit to my physician a few months ago gave me some relief through medication. My headaches lessened to about three times a week.

Since I have started Network Chiropractic, about a month, I have not experienced any stress headaches, nor have I had any stress related symptoms. I truly believe this program is the best way to get HEALTHY, and stay that way. Thanks Jackie.

– Rosemary W. – 04/16/97

Severely Herniated Disc

Well being a highly competitive nationally ranked athlete has its positives and negatives. Like most athletes I didn’t listen nor honor my body. I continued to push the envelope and come back for more. I was training for the National Powerlifting championships with over 400lbs for repetitions, without the use of safety equipment, when I severely herniated a lower lumbar disk between L3 -L4.
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The pain was so great I could barely even walk a few steps and had to be pushed in a wheelchair into the doctor’s office. For 2 ½ weeks I could not even leave the bed even under strong pain medications. I had to lie on my side to sleep with a pillow between my legs and even then could not sleep for more than 2 hours at a time.

My regular Chiropractor saw me and I saw a look of fear in his eyes when I approached him the day after the injury. He would not even treat me and urged me to see an orthopedic specialist because he just knew I had severe nerve and disk damage. After seeing the specialist I was then referred to a surgeon for consideration of an operation i.e. a discectomy. Now I was at a critical decision point and my faith in myself and my body’s ability to heal itself needed to take over.

Just 3 weeks after the injury a friend referred me to Dr. Jackie St.Cyr. I listened to her explanation and differentiation of the Network Chiropractic healing process. I was curiously pessimistic at first but felt I should give it a fair chance. Ten days and only two treatments after first seeing Dr. Jackie (or 4 ½ weeks after the accident) I was on my way to Europe for a long awaited vacation. I sat for over 10 hours on a plane with no pain or discomfort. I walked daily for hours while touring Europe for 2 weeks. Yes, I was in some pain, but I was walking upright.

I have since begun listening to tapes and reading more about Network Chiropractic and have become a believer in the treatment of all aspects of my body and neurological system.

I would just like to thank my friend, Renne O., for the referral and Dr. Jackie for her patience with a thick headed and stubborn power lifter. And to quote a famous quote from Arnold Swartzenager “I’ll Be Back”.

– Charlie T. – 06/17/98

Be warned – chiropractic works!

Be warned – chiropractic works! Through this work I have gained more self-confidence, become more serene and my posture has improved. Working at a computer all day, I tend to slump over my work. Now it feels better when I sit up straight. People have noticed the change in my energy and my body and have commented on it.
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I also trust Jackie. There are people who have told me that chiropractors can do damage, and I believe that is true, but NEVER has Jackie missed her mark with me. She only adjusts what needs to be adjusted and with the least amount of force necessary. She is extremely skilled, in-tune and gentle.

– Melody G. – 05/03/98

I Left your Office Walking Upright

Dr. Jackie, I just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done for me last year after my car accident and this year after my back “went out” – because I wasn’t paying attention to its “messages”. I must confess that after my car accident last year my mind went a little nuts believing that light touches could replace leveraged “cracks and pops” to put my spine back in place – but they did. Since under Network Chiropractic Care, I find myself with an innate knowledge of how to move my body that relieves most tension most of the time.
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About three months ago I changed careers, entered a new profession and was working for highly demanding bosses. I promptly forgot about all of the stress control techniques I’d ever learned. My back started hurting me and I began eating pain-killers on a Thursday morning, thinking that I could visit you on Friday. Well, my back had other plans. It started into full spasms at about noon. It took me 15 minutes to get to the car and another 20 minutes before I felt safe enough to drive.

The next day my wife drove me to see you. After being adjusted and about an hour of walking, most of the spasms were gone. I came to your office bent over and having the worst pain of my life. I left your office walking upright. I’ll always remember the miracle, and to listen to my body’s messages. I have now come to realize the importance of continued maintenance adjustments, rather than waiting until I hurt. Thank you, Frank

– Frank W. – 05/26/98

Chiropractic is Awesome!

Chiropractic care is Awesome! It has made me more aware of myself and unacceptable behaviors in my life. I can’t wait to see what happens next! To date, I have been under the care of Dr. St.Cyr for 5 weeks. – 04/16/97

I have been under Dr. St.Cyr’s care for 4-5 months now and I am just astounded at what has happened. I am gradually beginning to get in touch with who God intended for me to be. I am more in tune with my body and more at ease with the world around me to feel comfortable enough to honor what my body needs – no matter where I am. That in and of itself is a miracle. I cannot put into words exactly what has happened or changed but I can say that I fully intend to continue to pursue the natural high that is now a huge part of my everyday life. Thank you God for putting people and new approaches to life on life’s terms in front of me when I am not open-minded and willing to pursue them. If you want to change your life for the better…Let it begin there.

– Michelle K. – 07/01/97

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