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Workshops & Events

We are proud to host a variety of workshops and events at our center : : If you have an interest in a particular event, please let us know!

calendar of events at Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts CenterClick here for our current events calendar and events details.


• Nutrition 101 – Learn and improve the quality of your nutritional habits

• How To Experience Vibrant Energy & Health Every Day! – Just what it says!

• Self Defense Basics for all ages

• You Are What You Eat

• Cleanse, Balance & Nourish Your Life

• Beginning Posture-Ball Exercises Class – Enhance core strength and fitness

• We host Yoga with Robin and Meditation with Chip every Wednesday night

• We host our “Karate Club” every Tuesday, Thursday evening and Saturday morning


drumming events at Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center in HoustonDr. Jackie loves to drum and have hosted a variety of drumming events both in house and in our community that include:

• Women’s Empowerment Drum Circles

• Let’s Drum – Open Community/Rhythm Gatherings

• Innate Rhythms Empowerment Drumming Workshop

• The Healing Drum Kit Workshop

• HealthRHYTHMS Drumming Protocol

• We host a Djembe Drumming Class here every Thursday at 7:00pm


• Free Sample Night – An introduction and experience of Innate Chiropractic & our practitioners

• NSA Wellness Class – Intro class for new patients to get the most out of their care with Dr. Jackie

• A Clear Day – Experience something like “A Spa Day” usually with three adjustments interspersed with massage, aromatherapy, body-breath integration exercises, meditation or a variety of other modalities.


The 12 Stages of Healing – Exercises of breath, touch and movement to enhance healing

• Basic Introductory Class – Basics Theory & Hands-On Practice of Early Stages

• 4 Week Workshop – Explore & Experience the Rhythms of all 12 Stages

• Weekend Workshop – Intensive Exploration & Hands-On Work in all 12 Stages


On a few occasions we have shown movies like The Secret, What The Bleep, Facing The Giants, Food Matters, Pass It On: More Than Just A Movie. We are always open to creating opportunities for networking, learning and growing with our community.


We have hosted a variety of guest speakers in association with an event or as a stand alone event. Past guests have included Dr. Lisa Acocella, Dr. Sylvia Flesner & Samuel Flesner, Emily Laurel, Anisa Aven, Lora Tod and Chris Portera from the Anthony Robbins Companies, Master Wayne Boozer, Dr. Eda Tong and Tina Marie Jones. If you would like to speak or have a particular guest speaker here just let us know and we can book it.


We have also hosted some fun groups like the Women’s Spirituality Group, Life Makeover Group, 12 Stages of Healing Support Group, Weight Loss Support and Texas Coast Karate.


We constantly host special events that support new patients being introduced to our work for a special introductory rate. These are often held in conjunction with a community or charity fund raiser and include:

• Wellness Day

• Chiropractic Fun In The Sun Day!

• Free Scan Day

• P.A.D. – Patient Appreciation Day

• C.O.W. – Chiropractic Opportunity Week


Collage is one of Dr. Jackie’s passions and has been incorporated into a number of workshops such as:

• Creative Collage Workshop

• Manifest Your Dreams Workshop

• Manifest 2008

• Peak Performance Strategy Session

• LifeVision Manifest 2013


We believe that the secret to living is giving; therefore we often host special events that benefit local charities such as:

• Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

• Annual Christmas Toy Drive

• Wellness Day

• Chiropractic Fun In The Sun Day!

• Free Scan Day

• P.A.D. – Patient Appreciation Day

• C.O.W. – Chiropractic Opportunity Week


As a means to enjoy and promote our community we have a lot of parties all of which you are always invited!

• Holiday Hay Ride

• Holiday Party

• Open House Party

• Kids Day America

• Product Tasting Parties & Opportunity Events

calendar of events at Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts CenterClick here for our current events calendar and events details.

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