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Dr Jackie adjusting practice members neck

Chiropractic Care

Light Touch Healing in Houston

Hi, I’m Dr. Jackie St.Cyr and I practice a gentle, light-touch form of chiropractic care based on the latest work developed by Dr. Donald Epstein called NetworkSpinal™ Care and Somato-Respiratory (Body-Breath) Integration (SRI). NetworkSpinal™ care (previously famed as Network Chiropractic or NetworkSpinal Analysis) is practiced by chiropractors all around the world.

Through gentle hands-on care, we assist people in eliminating pain patterns, creating more efficient strategies for adapting to stress, and in building a healthier spine and nervous system. More than just relieving pain, NetworkSpinal care enhances Life Force, energy and peak performance naturally! Our purpose here is to help you be all that you can be!

To learn more about this powerful work, I invite you to tour our site, visit our healing center and attend our free intro & demo night! There you can have all of your questions answered, observe a demonstration, meet our team and get to know the doctor for free!

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