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Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center Patient Success Stories

How Sabrina Overcame Severe Neck Issues Without Any Cracking

“I had my very first treatment and was a changed woman. I can’t understand exactly how this works, but boy, it does, without any strenuous cracking or popping. It’s all about breathing and letting your mind and body work together. I’m still amazed at the magic touch! I’m much more balanced, my posture is better, and my body responds better. I would one thousand percent recommend it to anyone that is experiencing any kind of issue.”


“I have been suffering with some very debilitating nervous issues for about 20 years. I have traveled across the country seeing many, many, many—I think I counted it was over 13—doctors and spent over six figures in treatments—many of those out of pocket in new techniques to treat the pain. I was referred by a friend who Dr Jackie had helped. Came over, met her, and that was in March; we are in July, and I am more pain-free than I have been in 20 years.”


Finding Liberation From Pain and Newfound Freedom


Helping a Senior Couple Enjoy an Active, Pain-free Life

I’m a mind-body-spirit person. I love anything that takes care of all of those holistic parts of the self. So when I come here, I know I’m going to have some really wonderful music, and I’m going to be in a place where I feel good and comfortable and safe.

“I have congenital back problems. I was at a stage where my back wasn’t hurting bad enough to have an operation, but when I played golf, it would hurt. I was looking to the future without golf until I started coming to Dr. Jackie, and I’ve been able to play golf ever since.


Experiencing the Effects of Light-force Adjustments

“I’ve been coming here for many years. I will continue to come here for many years because this is a fabulous place to be! I refer other people because I know they’re getting and they have gotten the same benefits that I have gotten from Dr Jackie.


“The main thing I noticed coming to this office is how good I feel as I’m walking into the door, and every time I leave, I’d leave in like the best mood ever. So this place has a wonderful energy, and they’re so genuinely caring and that energy of kindness and health is just palpable.


Enjoying Less Stress and More Peace

Experiencing Powerful Life Transformation

“I know over the years, it’s been exciting to see my progress as a human being, and I know that Dr Jackie has been a big part of that. It’s always a loving environment, and it seems that anyone that works here has to have a certain type of loving energy. It’s an environment where you will get healing from the very first session, and from there, the sky is the limit. The more regular I come, the more my life transforms.”


“I came to see Dr. Jackie at Innate Chiropractic because I had tried everything. I had chronic pain from a work injury working as a nurse in the hospital. I just was not able to get relief, and it was frustrating, and I was kind of at my wit’s end a little bit about it, just thinking that it wasn’t gonna ever go away. What I’ve noticed since coming to Innate Chiropractic is that I can now sit and meditate, which is something that I was not able to do for a really long time. Since coming here, I can enjoy time with my family.”


Less Pain and More Quality Time With Her Family

A Myriad of Positive Effects From Chiropractic Adjustments

“What Dr Jackie did aided me in such profound ways immediately. Over time, each adjustment seemed to build on the next, and I had some amazing experiences. My spine adjusted itself one day on its own, just simply from stretching. Then I felt this amazing energy rush back into my body. I had more mental clarity. I was sleeping better. I didn’t have so many emotional breakdowns or stuck places.”

Tina Marie

“If you want changes in your life, if you are open to transformation—that’s the big thing is you have to be receptive to it. For a long time, I was stuck in my patterns and I realized that I couldn’t really move forward until I decided to accept change into my life—decide that I was willing to let go of those comfort things. Jackie helped me with that because once my body started changing, then those things started disappearing. And then Tina Marie helped me move forward, so I didn’t just revert back into that.

Mary Ann

Experiencing the Transformative Effects of Care & Life Coaching


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