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Chiropractic First

Chiropractic FirstTo make the most of chiropractic care, you need to understand why it works and how it works in partnership with your miraculous body. Dr. Terry Rondberg demystifies chiropractic as he tells the story of the founder in 1895, and how it was further developed over the next one hundred plus years. And to date, how chiropractic is helping and healing millions of people in the United States and throughout the world. It is a natural method that utilizes the body’s own abilities to promote internal healing and ongoing wellness. Chiropractic is the largest natural primary healthcare profession in the world. Learn why it trusted healthcare, and why it is the first choice for so many. It is a safe system of care, providing a healthy option for those who want to avoid the use of dangerous drugs and the risks of unnecessary surgery.

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The 12 Stages of Healing

12 Stages of HealingFrom Library Journal: “Epstein, a chiropractor for over 20 years who combines traditional chiropractic services with new mind/body principles, here describes how to progress successfully through 12 stages of consciousness. The healing practices he describes include suffering through ascent, concluding with spiritual knowing, and a sense of integration with oneself and the general community. Each chapter concludes with a special breathing exercise and affirmation for that stage of healing. Of course, Epstein allows for the “backsliders” and sadly reports that most people remain in stages 1 or 2 throughout their lives. (Part of the process, Epstein acknowledges, is seeking professional help along the healing path when necessary.) With the flourishing of authors like Bernie Siegel, Dean Ornish, and Deepak Chopra, this title will do well in public libraries with a demand for popular medical information.” - Lisa Wise, Univ. of Southern Colorado, Pueblo

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Healing Myths, Healing Magic

Healing MythsIn Healing Myths, Healing Magic: Breaking the Spell of Old Illusions; Reclaiming Our Power to Heal, Donald Epstein, D.C. examines commonly held myths and ingrained stories about how the body heals. Donald Epstein is the founder and developer of Network Chiropractic Spinal Analysis. His articles on Network Chiropractic have appeared in numerous professional and trade publications. He lives in Boulder, CO.

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The Boomerang Principle

Boomerang Principle book“There is a very special powerful boomerang that brings to you people, events, and circumstances.” The Boomerang Principle goes well beyond conventional notions of cause and effect. “Your Boomerang came into this world with you. It is your umbilical cord to the world of unlimited possibilities.” “Your Boomerang will bring you more prosperity, strength, acceptance, health, wisdom, joy, and sexuality than your conscious mind can conceive. But not more than your body mind calls for…and not one bit less.”

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Tony Robbins

Tony RobbinsOne of the worlds most inspirational and motivational speakers and authors empowering others to live with passion.

Tony Robbins Foundation

Tony Robbins Foundation“Only those who have learned the power of sincere & selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.”

Foot Levelers

Foot Levelers logoFoot Levelers is the world’s leading provider of individually designed custom orthotics, custom orthotic flip-flops, Shoethotics® and Sandalthotics®.

The Epienergetics Foundation

EpienergeticsAccelerating change towards a next tier in consciousness. Making change and giving forward.

Bonfire Coaching

Bonfire Coaching logoBonfire offers a powerful coaching toolset and method that has transformed thousands of lives. Discover more about Bonfire and the results is has delivered.

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

ICPA logoThe ICPA provides parents with practical solutions, extensive resources, and specific services for family health and wellness.


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