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Life & Business Coaching with Tina Marie

Dr. Tina Marie consulting with patientTaking charge of your life and moving forward in a direction that will lead you to the results your heart truly wants is not a small matter. Most people happen on advice, in a therapists office or via a book that brings them insights, but few take action. We applaud you for even considering coaching, for with coaching you will make the forward progress you seek!

Call 888-721-4204 or text 832-452-7242 to personally speak with one of our trusted team to learn what your life is calling for right now.

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The Coaching Team at Tina Marie & Company

We offer one on one individual sessions that can be purchased to assist in making clear decisions now. We also suggest consideration of a full package to gain the most benefit in your coaching relationship. Full packages are created based on your specific goals, time availability and overall needs.



  • All packages include a special 2 hour Get Acquainted session to go over your Welcome Packet.
  • You will receive a book titled “The Prosperity Bible” as a guide for our teachings
  • You will have Elite membership in our monthly mastermind group of evolved people.
  • In addition to your scheduled appointments, members also get access to Tina Marie and her coaches for calls throughout the week as needed.
  • Coaching sessions last 30 – 40 minutes each and occur weekly or every other week. Interval Goals are determined to keep your progress moving forward and yourself accountable to your dream vision.
  • Sessions can take place via phone, skype, oovoo, or in person at our offices.

Call for pricing or schedule a sit down with one of our directors to learn more.

*Financing is available for Coaching Packages.


Take it to the Next Level 360 Deep Dive : 3+ hours

Get clear on what you want to give your time, money and attention to. Design your own personal business plan to get busy building your life with focus and accountability. We focus on owning your checkbook, your calendar and your dreams. This is a very valuable investment of time and money!  (One on one or group facilitation available.)

Inner Saboteur Cleanse : 3+ hours

Locate where your inner saboteur hangs out in your physiology, in your mind and in your future. Where is it lurking, waiting to strike and destroy your dreams, your spirit and your confidence? Make space in your body and mind for the new good in your life. This course has been called a “Mental Parasite Cleanse”. Get ready to divorce your doubt!  (One on one or group facilitation available.)

Resentment Clearing : 3+ hours

Identify the costs of the resentments, remorse, regrets in your life, why we hold on to them and how to finally let them go. Empower yourself at an even deeper level to clear out energies holding you back.  (Personal one on one sessions only.)

Self Confidence Equilibration : 3+ hours

Identify where you hold yourself back in self sabotaging patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and attractions in your life. Measure if they are moving you forward or holding you back. Experience forgiveness from a part of you that few ever connect with. Learn a sacred process you can do in your own home to regain your balance and connection.  (One on one or group facilitation available.)


Hi Sexy! :

8 Session immersion coaching course with workbook, Tuesday nights, to identify where you have given your power away, why, how to get it back and what to do with it. Frees you to make clear decisions, learn clear communication and ways to manage fears as they emerge.  (Teleclass)

Living to the Power of YES! :

8 Session Life System that teaches life skills, thought pattern management, coping skills, success techniques, goal setting, meditation, personal spiritual practices, how to language your wants effectively, how to find and keep true friends, creating a level 3 relationship, health practices in home and work, and the art of self love. (Teleclass )

LifeVision Manifest Classes :

Full day in person workshop. Learn tools of human dynamics as taught by certified and licensed professionals. Set goals and design actionable items based on your core values in all 7 areas of life. Own your personal mastery and reach your dreams with strong support. Many of the LifeVision Manifest Courses are taught with other well respected practitioners. The classes are very reasonably priced. Great Introduction to the teachings and style of Tina Marie and her business partner, Dr. Jackie St.Cyr. (Live in person class)

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