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Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center Reviews

What Our Houston Patients Say

At Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural chiropractic care. For more information or to schedule an appointment today.

  • So very pleased and relieved to have come to Innate! I felt safe and we’ll cared for. Came in in distress and discomfort and left feeling I was on the path to being healthy and vibrant again. It was apparent Dr. Jackie was genuinely interested in partnering with me to regain my health. 

    - Cheryl C.
  • I’ve already seen a dramatic decrease in neck, shoulder, and back pain. I love the gentle manipulations that don’t leave my body more achy after an adjustment than I was when I arrived.

    - Dorey K.
  • I like the atmosphere of the office and the friendliness of the staff. I thought Dr. Jackie, was very kind and thorough with the examination. And I totally like her approach and treatment.

    - Patricia E.
  • Thanks for answering the million questions I had. Dr Jackie is very knowledgeable in her craft. She made me feel comfortable and explained things so my young daughter understood. Thanks!

    - Anthony M.
  • I came to see Dr. Jackie hoping to get relief from low back pain. I’m truly amazed by the results. My low back pain has almost completely disappeared after only two treatments. Thank you Dr. Jackie!

    - Joe T.
  • Everything was perfect starting with the front office and then throughout the treatment with Dr. Jackie. The overall pain has decreased remarkably and I feel relaxed. Also, the lower back is not tight now, I can walk with ease. Thank you, see you next week.

    - Heidi L.
  • I am glad to hear about this practice can support me in making behavioral changes. I’ve put a lot of effort toward paying attention to my thinking. I want to make physical changes too.

    - Amy B.
  • A great experience. I have been “breathing deeply” every since. And my 12 year old son loved it, too.

    -Taryn A.
  • I appreciated the whole atmosphere and tone of Jackie St. Cyr’s office, skill level, and message.  I experienced consideration and consistency through- out my first appointment. Thank you, with gratitude.

    - Michele L.
  • The doctor offers an innovative approach to health.

    - Barry G.
  • Thank you for explaining the overall scan to me and helping me understand how it will help me be more aware of my nervous system and what its telling me.

    - Robert H.
  • The overall experience was fantastic. I felt that my concerns were addressed and I am looking forward to my game plan. Lauren was wonderful with taking care of all the paperwork and being such a calm presence at the front desk. Dr Jackie was so professional and caring.

    - Greg L.
  • The overall experience was fantastic. I felt that my concerns were addressed and I am looking forward to my game plan. Lauren was wonderful with taking care of all the paperwork and being such a calm presence at the front desk. Dr Jackie was so professional and caring. I see great healing moving forward.

    - Greg L.
  • Staff was very attentive, polite, and over all very helpful, awesome for my first experience

    - Pablo S.
  • I am excited about my healing journey for the first time!

    - Erin M.
  • I wasn’t sure how helpful NSA would be, but heard good things so wanted to try. So far I’ve been very surprised, in a positive way. And very hopeful about long term effects on my health.

    - Eddie F.
  • Feeling very blessed and thankful that I have found Dr. Jackie and looking forward to tapping into all the benefits her practice has to offer.

    - Sherri S.
  • The first appointment was great. I felt an immediate improvement in my posture that day and was much more conscientious of how my body was acting in different situations.

    - Rebecca L.
  • Dr. Jackie is very personable and wants the best possible care for her patients!

    - Lia B.
  • Dr. Jackie was great. She was patient with my daughter and made us feel very welcome. I look forward to seeing her again! 

    - Melanie and Devyn D.
  • Dr. Jackie and her staff were very helpful and made me feel right at home throughout the process! What an awesome experience! I have been feeling so energetic and alive after the session. Thanks guys.

    -Anthony V.
  • Feels good to have some hope after being in pain for so long.

    - Taylor K.
  • I felt like a whole new person as I was leaving my first visit. It was a total shift in mood. I came in with discomfort, uneasiness, and some mild agitation and left feeling refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready for more!

    - Bianca G.
  • Very glad I found Dr. Jackie. Confident and hopeful of the outcome of working with her and her staff. My life has already been enriched, after just a couple of interactions with her.

    - Johnny B.
  • Dr Jackie did an excellent job of explaining everything to me. After meeting with her, I really feel confident that I am in the right place to address my issues. And Lauren was very helpful and professional. Thank you!

    - Nick O.
  • I cant say enough about Dr. Jackie and her staff. Best Chiropractor experience in my life. Really looking forward to healing thru the skillful hands of Dr. Jackie and network Chiropractic.

    - Beth M.
  • I feel so seen, heard, and validated. Feeling a true sense of hope & excitement to continue working with innate chiropractic. I didn’t know this level of healing existed and was so accessible!

    - Paige W.

More Healing Stories

Truly Believe They Can Help

I’m a person who is pretty open-minded. I’ve never heard of such treatments so I was a little skeptical walking in initially, but after the thorough analysis of my spinal health and the scientific explanations really helped ease any lingering skepticism. Dr Jackie and her team are amazing. Good energy and they all seem genuinely sincere – in both their approach and practice. I do think these kind folks can help me and I’m excited to embark on the journey to overall improved wellness. Marjan A. (March 10/23)

Warmly Welcomed

I was warmly welcomed. Staff assistant Alyssa took time to explain each scan she was doing and what information could be gathered from it. She is very personable and the intake represented her sincerity to help the first visit be a fully beneficial one. Dr. Jackie took time from attending to other patients to acknowledge me personally. as I prepared for the first adjustment. She gives your relaxation the greatest priority as each move to align was gentle yet deep. A well lit room full of windows helped to create a soothing atmosphere for healing work. I appreciate all the effort put out by the staff to make the first visit such a rich one. Thanks also for the departing xmas gift. Bob V. (December 22/20)

Friendly People and Welcoming Attitude

The friendly people in the office always make me feel right at home with a cheery and welcoming attitude. Working with Innate Chiropractic helps to relieve my body of any back discomfort, stress buildup, and even my ongoing sinus pressure problems, which I never knew my sinuses could be alleviated until I met with Dr. Jackie! Scott M. (March 2/20)

Wonderful to be Home at Innate

Having been participated in NSA/SRI before in another State, I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to feel “at home” and “seen” at Innate. I arrived in quite a bit of pain and left feeling an openness, calm and sense of clarity and expansion full of my mind, body, and soul. This sense of peace and some initial pain relief with an opening sensation in my lower back, hips, and pelvis was hugely healing and life-affirming. I look forward to resuming care again here at this special place. Dr. Jackie is warm, kind and competent. The entertainment room is a tranquil sanctuary. It’s a “fit” for this gal! Leigh Ann D. (February 21/20)

I Wish That I Would Have Come Years Sooner

I am so glad that I found Dr. Jackie! I went for my consultation and feel so much hope after my visit. Bianca was so sweet and welcoming with everything from my inquiry to when i arrived and Dr. Jackie was so informative and sincere in her visit with me. I wish that I would have come years sooner but here I am today and excited about all of the healing that is to come my way. It feels so empowering to know that there is an approach that I am comfortable with and to know that the holistic approach will get to the root of the issue makes me feel even better about my decision for Chiropractic care. Lindsay P. (June 3/19)


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