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Discover How One Patient Avoided Surgery & Renewed Her Health

Maybe you’re tired of putting up with persistent pain or suboptimal health. Perhaps you’ve “tried everything” to get relief on the path to wellness but haven’t obtained the results you are looking for. You’ve come to the right place for healing help and actual solutions!

“I Was Shocked at The Immediate Improvement”

This patient came to Dr. Jackie, as she had long-term nerve damage in her neck and spine, which had been diagnosed by several doctors. The patient had avoided surgery through physical therapy and different avenues, but it continued to get worse. When the patient came to the practice, she was shocked at the immediate improvement she experienced. “In my case, it was almost instantaneous,” she said.
The patient came in consistently and followed Dr. Jackie’s other recommendations in terms of diet and exercise. The NSA treatments she received strengthened her back. She has better posture, improved sleep, better overall health, and more calmness in her life.

In addition to appreciating the care she received, the patient also values that our team takes the time to listen.

Let’s Find Out If We Can Help

Dr. Jackie St.Cyr, our caring chiropractor, practices a gentle, light touch form of chiropractic care based on the work developed by Dr. Donald Epstein called NetworkSpinal Care (NSA) and Somato-Respiratory (Body-Breath) Integration (SRI).

If you’ve been to other chiropractors, maybe you experienced twisting or popping and think that’s the only way to get adjusted. The good news is it’s not! With NetworkSpinal Care (NSA), we use gentle hands-on care to help people eliminate tension patterns that are creating chronic pain and inflammation. The NSA approach also creates more efficient strategies for adapting to stress and building a healthier spine and nervous system.

New Patient Offer – Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

If you’re seeking to put pain in your past and better health in your future, we invite you to take advantage of a complimentary consultation!

  • Feel heard & cared for by our professional team
  • Learn if your concerns and our care are a match
  • Receive the doctor’s recommendations for appropriate exams should you choose to move forward

If you are ready for progress and change, give our practice a call at (713) 521-2104 to book your complimentary consultation with our Houston chiropractor today!

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