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Ease Your Anxiety & Boost Your Quality of Life

Sitting on table with headacheAnxiety happens in your nervous system. Chiropractors are nervous system doctors, we know how to help you handle stress and anxiety. Our focus is on discovering what’s going on with your nervous system, and how we may help you. Our natural and safe approach to whole-body health has helped our patients achieve solutions for issues like anxiety and depression.

When Anxiety Takes Over

When anxiety gets too much to handle, it can feel like your nervous system has been hijacked, leaving you stuck in a fight or flight response. This places your body in a deficient state, and the longer your body remains in this state, the greater the deficiency, affecting your overall health. Other symptoms of illness, disease, or stress may appear.

Common symptoms of anxiety include

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to sleep
  • Aches and pain
  • Difficulty resting or relaxing
  • Muscle stiffness or tension
  • Difficulty focusing at work

NetworkSpinal Care and Anxiety

Anxiety is often a result of subluxation, especially in the upper cervical spine and tension on the spinal cord. This facilitated subluxation cannot be addressed by a structural adjustment. NetworkSpinal adjustments first take care of any facilitated subluxations.

Dr. Jackie focuses on the tension and stress in your nervous system to enable it to relax. Once relaxed, your nervous system can come out of the fight or flight state, relax, and relieve the anxiety.

As part of the first level of care, Dr. Jackie teaches our bodies the strategies needed to reduce and remove stress and anxiety from our mental and physical state. Left untreated, these emotions that cause anxiety to repeat, becoming habits that shape our lives and how we function.

When anxiety is removed, many patients have worked with their doctor to stop taking their anxiety medications. That’s a pretty awesome result, and it makes a huge change in their quality of life.

Take That First Step Toward Alleviating Your Anxiety

If you’d like to reduce anxiety in your life, take advantage of our complimentary 15-minute consultation.

Here are some benefits:

  • Feel heard & cared for by our professional team
  • Learn if your concerns and our care are a match
  • Receive the doctor’s recommendations for appropriate examinations should you choose to move forward with care

Contact our office at (713) 521-2104 for more information and get started with your Houston chiropractor today.

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