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Experience the Mood-Boosting Effects of NetworkSpinal Care

One of our greatest passions at Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center is witnessing the remarkable changes patients experience as a result of receiving NetworkSpinal Care. Houston Chiropractor Dr. Jackie St.Cyr practices hands-on care using this low-force method to eliminate pain patterns.

NetworkSpinal also helps the body learn new and more efficient strategies to adapt to the stressors we all face daily, which helps build a healthier spine and nervous system, allowing people to experience life to its fullest potential.

How It Works

By applying light touch entrainment contacts at specific points along the spine (spinal gateways), patients can shift from defense physiology to greater ease and peace in their body and mind. While Dr. Jackie provides this form of care, patients achieve heightened brain-body awareness and develop new strategies to let go of stored tension and stress and experience improved quality of life.

Less Tension and Greater Calm

While Julia, one of our patients, was at a spiritual retreat, a friend she met there noticed that she wasn’t breathing with ease. “When we hugged, he noticed that my spine was tense and that I was in what he called a defensive posture,” said Julia. The friend recommended Julia see Dr. Jackie.

The main thing Julia noticed coming to this office was how good she felt as she walked through the door, and every time she left, she was in a great mood. “This place has a wonderful energy, and they’re so genuinely caring, and that energy of kindness and health is palpable,” said Julia.

She thinks people will be surprised by the things they didn’t know were related to spine health that will improve in your life. “You can let go of emotions more quickly and be able to survive the stressful world better,” added Julia. She notes that getting entrained is always very peaceful, with music playing.

She likens the work that Dr. Jackie does to working on a switchboard. “She’s tapping different places on the spine based on information she’s gotten from your alignment. The biggest feedback I get is how good I feel. There is no popping, so it’s not that kind of feedback—it’s just a really good feeling when I leave here,” said Julia. She loves that the care she receives puts her in such a good mood.

You Deserve to Feel Your Best

Whether you’re seeking to unravel tension or just want to give your health a boost, contact Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center today to book an appointment!


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