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From Experiencing Back Pain to Discovering Empowerment

Every day, we’re honored to play a role in transforming the lives of our patients, physically, mentally and emotionally, with our unique form of chiropractic care.

At Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center, Dr. Jackie St.Cyr practices a gentle, light touch form of chiropractic care based on the latest work developed by Dr. Donald Epstein called NetworkSpinal Care and Somato-Respiratory (Body-Breath) Integration (SRI).

By using gentle hands-on care, we help people eliminate pain patterns, creating more efficient strategies for adapting to stress and building a healthier spine and nervous system. Our unwavering purpose is to help you be all that you can be!

Getting Rid of Back Pain & Baggage

A violinist for 50 years, Mary Ann came to the practice as her back was torqued out of shape. After Dr. Jackie adjusted her back, Mary Ann not only felt better every time she walked out of a session, but also gained more awareness of her back and how she was holding it. Moreover, Mary Ann became aware of how she carried baggage in her back-not only with the violin, but also past traumas and histories.

The care she received at the practice not only helped her spine straighten up, but she started to take charge of her life more. Besides getting adjusted by Dr. Jackie, Mary Ann met with Tina Marie for life coaching. Tina Marie gave her the tools and confidence she needed to start her business as a wedding violinist.

“For a long time, I was stuck in my patterns and realized I couldn’t move forward until I decided to accept change into my life,” said Mary Ann. Dr. Jackie helped her tremendously. Once her body started changing, then those things started disappearing. Tina Marie also helped Mary Ann move forward on her new path.

New Patient Offer – a Complimentary Consultation

Wondering if our care could improve your health and life? New patients can take advantage of our fantastic offer-a free 15-minute consultation!

  • Feel heard & cared for by our professional team
  • Learn if your concerns and our care are a match
  • Receive the doctor’s recommendations for appropriate exams if you choose to move forward

Take that first step toward living a healthier, more abundant life. Call (713) 521-2104 to book your complimentary consultation with your Houston chiropractor today!

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