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Welcome to InnateRHYTHMS!

I LOVE drumming! It’s INNATE! It INSPIRES my SOUL! It’s about ENTRAINMENT – when rhythms come into sync! It’s about YOUR HEART – which CONNECTS you to GOD-THE UNIVERSE-NATURE and to each other! It’s about LISTENING and HEARING each other – in A NEW WAY! It’s about UNIVERSAL COMMUNICATION – in a language we ALL UNDERSTAND and FEEL! IT IS ME!” Dr. Jackie St.Cyr

My Journey Through Rhythm

Baba Abubakr Kouyate

I started taking West African drum lessons from Baba Abubakr Kouyate in July of 2003 and I fell in love with the rhythms; or was it already in me? I think I must have gotten it from my Dad (that was cool to realize) as he is always drumming on something or snapping his fingers like a percussion ensemble. Or maybe I got it from my Mom because over these last few years watching the transformation in her when she drums is amazing.

When I went to my first class I had no clue what to do but Abubakr is a gentle teacher and I just seemed to fit right in. I remember that I was extremely moved when I placed my hands on my drum and felt the vibrations of what the other drummers were playing, even before I started drumming. It was powerful, a connection of all, and I had an immediate sense of belonging that was familiar and felt like home.

Health rhythmsI was aware of the phenomenon of entrainment from the work that I do as a chiropractor or healing facilitator, and I became very interested in learning more about how this was present in drumming as well. Innately I knew there must be some connection to healing, even on a cellular level. I started looking up everything I could find about the relationship between drumming and healing and ran across a site for Remo’s HealthRhythms. For the rest of the night I found myself in tears over what I was reading and that’s when my life changed again.

Dr. John Demartini

Let me explain. When I was 18 years old I was inspired by Dr. John Demartini to become a chiropractor. One of the things that he always said back then was to give thanks and follow the happy tears (something like that ). So, when something inspires me to tears I know I have to do it and I knew I had to go to the HealthRhythms training. Before long it was done.

I actually took a double training with Remo’s HealthRhythms, taught by Dr. Barry Bittman and Christine Stevens, followed by my first training with Arthur Hull, the father of the modern day community drum circle movement. Soon after I returned for Arthur’s training in Hawaii and was amazed even more with the entrainment phenomenon and what was “happening to people” when they entered drum circles. I spent plenty of time on his site inspired in tears as well.

drumming images

I love drumming and have hosted a variety of open drum circle events here at Innate Chiropractic and a few out in the community. I also teach a workshop based on The Healing Drum Kit by Christine Stevens. Rhythm and drumming are a strong passion of mine that I will continue to develop and share with as many people as possible. In November of 2010, I reviewed the Remo HealthRHYTHMS protocol in Austin, TX and I will offer the protocol here at the center beginning in 2011. I look forward to entraining with you someday soon, either through drumming or maybe thru chiropractic or karate!  Whatever you do – have fun!

Dance to the beat of your N8Rhythm,

Dr. Jackie

For more information visit UpBeat Drum Circles.


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