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Is This Over Yet?

I hope this message finds you well, in body, mind and spirit!

I wanted to send another quick message to sincerely check-in with you and have you know everyone at Innate Chiropractic is thinking of you at this time. Given so much time away, we cannot wait to get back to the office and serve you again.

When they say “we’re all in this together” we believe that yes, we are in the storm together, and we recognize that we are all weathering the storm in different boats. If you need anything, please reach out for help! We have a wonderful community of people and now more than ever is the time to lean on each other.

It has been a pleasure to connect virtually with many of you on phone calls and in virtual sessions and we will continue to keep all of these lines of communication open.

I am available for private SRI sessions, exercise instructions, mindset chats and more. To book a virtual session, just text or call the office (713) 521-2104 or use The Scheduling App. If you have already had a session, you get more, I want to be here for you and spend time with you.

We are looking forward and planning to reopen as soon as possible!  I will continue to keep you to up to date as we know more, about the timing and all the measures we have in place to continue to keep you all safe when you come in for your care. Again, please reach out if you need anything, even if just a chat.

BONUS: JOIN US! Saturday, April 25th at 10:30 am Dr. Jackie will have a WATCH PARTY in our Innate Wellness Rockstars Facebook Group where Dr. Steve Nugent: Chief Science and Health Officer and Chairman of the Global Scientific Advisory Board will be speaking. Dr. Nugent brings 40 plus years of experience in the health and nutrition industry and is a renowned public speaker, author and expert on health, wellness and nutrition.

P.S If you have not already, join us and have fun on our Facebook group “Innate Wellness Rockstars“. For those already on the group, keep the posts coming and keep sharing your light!


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