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Joint & Muscle Formula

Joint Relief EXL-2™

Your joints are constantly in a state of repair. Joint Relief EXL-2™ contains a unique blend of chondroitin sulfate, sea cucumber, and glucosamine sulfate, providing your body with the necessary ingredients to act as building blocks. This encourages your body to heal in a more natural way, continuing to repair and rebuild vital joint connective tissue. This blend contains ginseng, Boswellia serrata, white willow bark, MSM, bromelain, CMO, and turmeric, all of which have demonstrated benefits in reducing stiffness, pain, and/or inflammation. A reduction in stiffness, pain, and/or inflammation may lead to increased flexibility and mobility. This supplement also supports the relief of arthritis pain and encourages overall joint health.

joint relief EXL 2 bottle
joint relief supplement facts sheet

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