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Know your Nervous System

nervous-system-connectionsBy Jackie St.Cyr, D.C.

TRUE PHYSICAL HEALTH is the condition that exists when all of the organs and parts of the body work together in coordination and harmony. The central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is the master controller and coordinator of all body functions.

THE CHIROPRACTOR, by keeping the nervous system free from interference caused by unresolved physical, chemical and emotional stressors, simply allows the body’s natural healing ability to function at its maximum… thus keeping resistance high and maintaining health naturally.

Good Health Starts with Your Nervous System

We are all unique, and so are our spines, and we all have the unlimited potential of expressing 100% Innate Wisdom through our nervous system. Innate flows through your nervous system.

I often think of the spine like a guitar. When we are out of alignment or subluxated, we are “out of tune” and therefore we play distorted music. When I adjust (entrain) the spine, it’s like “tuning you” back to who you really are, so that you can play your perfect, innately authentic music – you.

Emotional, chemical and physical stressors distort our innate flow. For example, emotional stress may cause our strings to pull too tight and chemical stress like drugs (or even the foods we eat) may cause our strings to become too loose. Physical trauma such as a fall or auto accident can throw things off in both directions. All stress, that overwhelms our body’s ability to adapt to or overcome it, cause distortions in the brain and spine. This may express itself as pain or dis-ease and can mask the expression of who we truly are.

Innate Chiropractic enhances your life force, energy and peak performance naturally, without surgery, without drugs and without the devastating side effects of just masking the symptoms.

For over 120 years Chiropractic has helped those suffering with hearing loss, asthma, allergies, gallbladder problems, headaches, ADD, bed wetting, back pain, colic, PMS, stress, disc problems and more to live a better life with more personal fulfillment and joy.

Also, research has shown that Network Chiropractic (aka NetworkSpinal™ Analysis) improves quality of life in many areas including physical, mental/emotional, improved response to stress, improved life enjoyment and overall improved quality of life.

Why does it work? Because we enhance spinal and nervous system function, help you remove tension from within, re-align your spine, and remove interference to innate; all unleashing your body’s inner healing potential. That’s what Innate Chiropractic does.

This revolutionary Chiropractic technique, called NetworkSpinal Analysis, is a very gentle yet powerful technique that is safe and effective for all ages. What happens in Network Care is that the body learns new strategies that enable it to connect to and release old tension patterns from past physical, chemical, or emotional trauma and stress.

As a patient of Network Care myself, it changed my life, and my patients report changes in many areas of their lives including decreased pain, better ability to handle stress and overall improved quality of life.

The results of Network Care are tremendous. In fact 95% of those receiving care have their expectations met or exceeded. My experience of the work assures me that I can expect the same to happen for you.

I invite you to make an appointment to have your spine checked. What works best for you, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday?

Call me today and let’s connect!

I look forward to working with you in turning on your Innate Power to heal!

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