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Our Low-Force Method Yields High Health Dividends

Maybe you’re used to hearing a popping sensation when you receive chiropractic care, thinking that’s the primary indicator of a successful adjustment. Did you know that the very light force NetworkSpinal Care gets incredible results, but you hardly feel it?

How Does It Work?

Dr. Jackie applies light touch entrainment contacts at particular points along the spine (spinal gateways), enabling the individual to move from defense physiology to greater ease and peace in their body. While receiving care, patients gain greater brain-body awareness and develop new strategies to release accumulated tension and stress.

How One Patient Felt the Difference

Chaneta, one of our patients, had fallen and sought Dr. Jackie’s care to help relieve the aches she experienced as a result of the fall. Dr. Jackie explained to Chaneta that she practiced a different kind of chiropractic.

At her first session, Chaneta went into a room and laid down on a table, and then Dr. Jackie used NetworkSpinal Care and applied light touch entrainment contacts. “I thought to myself, ‘Is she serious? Is this really going to help?'” That’s because Chaneta was used to more forceful “cracking” type adjustments. When she got off the table, she was amazed as she felt so good!

Dr. Jackie also recommended getting a cervical pillow which has worked wonders for Chaneta. She feels everyone can benefit from this type of pillow, whether you’re a side or back sleeper. “It works wonderfully well with your body, and when you get up in the morning, you feel more restful,” said Chaneta.

As the author of many books on Amazon, including How to Have This and That, Chaneta emphasizes that coming to see Dr. Jackie is doing the health part that’s so life-changing.

Chaneta always recommends that friends and family see Dr. Jackie because she knows they’re getting the same benefits that she’s gotten. She constantly tells others to go to Dr. Jackie’s practice as it’s a wonderful place to be!

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