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Putting Her Best Foot Forward With Orthotics

It’s a privilege for our team to provide care to our patients that helps them live more abundant, pain-free lives. Every day, we see patients experience fantastic results from the uncommon yet incredibly effective type of care that we provide.

Dr. Jackie St.Cyr utilizes a gentle, light touch form of chiropractic care based on the latest work developed by Dr. Donald Epstein called NetworkSpinal Care and Somato-Respiratory (Body-Breath) Integration (SRI).

By using gentle hands-on care, rather than forceful adjustments, we can help people eliminate pain patterns, create more efficient strategies for adjusting to stress, and build a healthier spine and nervous system. At Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center, your chiropractor in Houston, we are committed to helping patients experience optimal health and wellness!

One of our patients has gone to a chiropractor since the mid-70s and is a big believer in it. She had a serious slip and fall, and injured her right lower leg and ankle. The patient has had osteoarthritis for as long as she can remember, had four foot surgeries, a hip replacement, and then her most recent accident. Because of the accident, her balance was severely impaired, and she was afraid of falling down again, so she walked with her head down.

Right before she contacted Dr. Jackie, the patient started having lower back pain and thought, “I am so sick of this.” After the patient’s nutritionist referred her to Dr. Jackie, the patient was prescribed custom orthotics, which made a tremendous difference. “I put those in and I could stand up straight. It was fabulous,” she said. She has the orthotics in her shoes all the time, wearing them continuously.

The orthotics made such a big difference, and the patient wonders why no one else suggested she get them before!

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