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Roll Your Way Into Relaxation & Increased Synchronicity

purchased---meditation-headphones-roller-tableWant to transform your brain, enhance your physiology, and sync your body, mind and heart? You can with the Brain Sync Technology that’s used with our comfortable and relaxing Roller Table.

How the Table Works

As you lie face up on a bench-type table, the gentle motion of rollers traverses your spine, delivering a soothing massage to the muscles, along with subtle rocking movements between the segments of your spinal bones.

The Roller Table enhances the circulation of blood to your spine, facilitating the nourishment of nearby spinal joints and discs with vital nutrients essential for optimal functionality and recuperation. Additionally, this approach can heighten the flow of energy, chi, or life force along your spinal column.

Other benefits of the Roller Table include increased spinal range of motion; improved balance, strength and mobility; restoration of normal spinal curves; and muscle relaxation.

Binaural Beats

While reclining on the Roller Table, immerse yourself in the captivating realm of binaural beats, meticulously designed to balance the activity between your brain’s right and left hemispheres, unlocking extraordinary mental states. These precisely engineered sound waves harmonize your brain, ushering it into optimal states of consciousness tailored for meditation, learning, creativity, healing, sleep, goal attainment, and behavioral adjustments.

Here are some benefits you may experience while listening to the binaural beats:
  •  Attaining emotional equilibrium
  • Sharpening your focus and attention
  • Amplifying your performance levels
  • Enhancing memory retention and concentration
  • Establishing harmony between your mind and body
  • Alleviating anxiety
  • Augmenting your stress response

How to use the headphones

Here are some instructions for using the headphones effectively while listening to the beats:

Disinfecting wipes are conveniently provided for your hygiene before and/or after using the headphones.

Simply slide on the headphones, ensuring that the wired side is placed on your right ear. Press play, shut your eyes, and surrender to a state of relaxation.

Please note: Although there are no known adverse effects associated with listening to binaural beats, it is crucial to adjust the sound volume to a safe level. Extended exposure to sounds at or exceeding 85 decibels over time may result in hearing loss.

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