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Subluxations—Your Body's Trying to Tell You Something

pointng at spineIf you know anything about chiropractic, you’ve probably heard the term subluxation. Basically, that’s what chiropractors address. It’s a misalignment in the spine causing nervous system interference. Many people think chiropractors are bone doctors, when, in fact, we’re more concerned with the nervous system.

Every subluxation involves your bones, muscles, and nervous system. If you go to a chiropractor who only “cracks” and “pops” your bones, the muscles pull them right back out of place, because muscles are what moves your bones. That’s one of the reasons why you have to get the same adjustment over and over again.

Some chiropractors will use hot pads, massage, or electrical stimulation to relax the muscles before popping them back in place, giving them a better chance of holding the adjustment. That works until the body experiences more stress, causing the muscles to tighten back up, pulling the bones out of alignment again.

Identifying Your Subluxation

There are two types of subluxation: structural and facilitated.

Structural subluxations occur when bones are out of place, putting pressure on the nerves. The pressure interferes with the signal, causing a problem on the other end of the nerve, so the organ or gland cannot function at 100%.

Reducing the subluxation improves the nerve flow, restoring function. If the subluxation occurs as a result of muscles pulling the bones out of place, we have to change the muscle tension pattern.

Facilitated subluxation occurs in the nervous system itself when the covering on the brain and spinal cord, known as the meninges, is under direct tension. The tension can come from any type of stress, physical, mental, or emotional, that’s more than what the brain is capable of dealing with.

An example is head forward posture, which often occurs today from everyone looking down at their phones. This pulls on the meninges, causing stress.

NetworkSpinal Is Different

Subluxations are your body’s way of alerting you to existing stress. With NetworkSpinal, Dr. Jackie adjusts your nervous system first, helping your body decrease its stress and tension levels. When that happens, better signals flow to your muscles, allowing your body to reorganize from the inside out, breaking the existing muscle tension pattern. When stress in the nervous system is reduced, muscles relax, the body reorganizes and bones will go back into their proper alignment on their own. It’s pretty amazing.

Misalignment decreases your body’s adaptability to stress, affects your quality of life, your breathing and digestion, and the functioning of your organs and systems. It affects every aspect of your life.

To protect you, your brain creates a subluxation to cut off your awareness of the stress, which may last for years without any noticeable symptoms. Many people are totally unaware of or just ignore the fact they have untreated subluxations until the symptoms become too severe to dismiss.

Dr. Jackie, your Houston chiropractor, provides you with a better way to correct these subluxations with NSA. It makes sense to start with the nervous system; it controls everything in your body after all.

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