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Walking Away From Pain and Toward a Life of Freedom

For two decades, Stephanie traveled across the United States, seeing over a dozen doctors and healthcare professionals. She was dealing with debilitating nerve issues, and despite spending over six figures in medical bills, she could not find any lasting pain relief.

Finally, Stephanie was referred by a friend to Houston chiropractor Dr. Jackie St.Cyr and Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center. Upon visiting the office, Stephanie’s life was forever changed.

Finding the Source and the Solution

Dr. Jackie uncovered a crucial factor that previous specialists overlooked: Stephanie’s feet were extremely pronated, meaning that her body placed excessive pressure on the inside of her feet as she walked. This affected the nerves in her hips and caused her chronic discomfort.

The many doctors and specialists whom Stephanie visited never checked her feet. Instead, our chiropractor, who believes in holistic care and thorough examinations, found the source of pain and suggested a life-changing solution.

Dr. Jackie introduced Stephanie to Foot Levelers, which are simple yet effective custom orthotic shoe inserts. It was a game-changer, correcting Stephanie’s gait and offering her body the support it desperately needed.

Today, the Foot Levelers are a part of Stephanie’s daily routine. They are the first thing she puts on in the morning, and she wears them whenever she walks.

Reclaiming Her Life

Within four months, Stephanie had experienced a transformation. She went from missing activities because of discomfort to regaining control of her life and jogging twice a week. Stephanie still visits our practice as it gives her a chance to breathe, relax, and focus on self-healing, but the chronic pain is now gone after 20 years.

Stephanie’s story serves as a testament to the impact of chiropractic care and the importance of comprehensive assessments. It’s a journey from chronic pain to freedom—a journey Stephanie never thought possible until she met Dr. Jackie.

Start Your Journey to Better Health

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