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What's the Big Deal About Upper Cervical Health? Everything!

Female chiropractor adjusting patientThe human body has seven cervical vertebrae that run from the base of your skull to the top of the shoulders. The top two are known as the Atlas and Axis, C1 and C2, respectively. Smaller than the other cervical vertebrae, and with different shapes as well, the two are responsible for much of the movement in this segment of your spine.

The Atlas and Axis protect the brain stem as it leads down from the brain to form the spinal cord. Connecting to the base of the skull at the occipital bone, the Atlas is ring-shaped to support the head. This connection allows the head to move through a forward and backward range of motion. The Axis has a circular shape with a bony protrusion that connects to the Atlas, allowing the head to rotate in all directions.

When There’s a Problem

If there’s a subluxation at C1 or C2, numerous symptoms and conditions may arise. Allergies, headaches, sinus problems, blurred vision, and hearing problems are just a few we see in our clinic. Dr. Jackie lets her patients know she doesn’t treat conditions, she helps the body heal itself, from the inside out, to remove and correct subluxations, and create a better strategy for surviving and dealing with stress.

When your upper neck is stuck because of trauma, if your body is not able to fully process the event, the brain will create a subluxation as a form of survival. This is just one of the many signs and signals your body provides to let you know something is wrong.

Symptoms are aspects of your body’s intelligence your chiropractor uses to help your body, mind, and spirit evolve. There are many chiropractic techniques, however not all are geared specifically for this area of the spine. NetworkSpinal Analysis (NSA) is a technique that creates an overall long-lasting improvement in your life, instead of focusing on symptoms as things to be fixed.

Gentle and Effective

After a thorough physical exam to determine whether a subluxation exists, Dr. Jackie, your Houston chiropractor, will let you know what she found and adjust using the NSA method. There’s no cracking or popping of bones; it’s a gentle, more holistic approach that allows patients to see a reduction in their symptoms.

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