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Why I Chose NetworkSpinal Analysis

human spineIf you’ve been to Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center before, you already know that our primary technique is NetworkSpinal Analysis. Though it’s practiced by chiropractors all over the world, it’s not often found in our area. My road to choosing this unique method all started when I experienced it myself.

My Transformative Journey

I worked as a chiropractic assistant for many years before going to chiropractic school. After my graduation from Parker University in 1992, I began practicing using some of the more traditional techniques. These were the techniques that were used in all the years I’d been a chiropractic assistant. My life changed, however, about a year later.

I received my first adjustment using NetworkSpinal Analysis and it transformed everything for me. It influenced me not just on a physical level, but on an emotional one, too. I was under a great deal of stress at the time. NetworkSpinal Analysis opened up my eyes to a new kind of healing, marrying the philosophy with the art of chiropractic.

From then on, I began learning everything I could about NetworkSpinal Analysis. In just 45 days, I switched everything I was doing in my practice to become a NetworkSpinal Analysis practitioner. Since 1996, I’ve been providing this gentle technique to the people in our community.

New to NetworkSpinal Analysis?

Our patients love this softer touch that eliminates pain patterns, helps you adapt to stress and allows you to have a healthier nervous system and spine. Rather than focusing only on discomfort, it enhances your peak performance, energy and life force so that you can fulfill your potential.

NetworkSpinal Analysis is a neurological technique. A light touch of contact is made at specific points along your spine so that your body can shift from a position of defense to having greater peace and ease. You’ll develop a greater awareness in brain and body. We’ll also help you develop new strategies to release stored stress and tension.

According to research, NetworkSpinal Analysis has been shown to reduce pain, improve your sleep, enhance your breathing and give you a greater ability to make better choices for your health – just to name a few! It’s been called “The Great Enhancer” due to its dramatic effects.

Experience the profound transformation of NetworkSpinal Analysis. Call Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center today and schedule your complimentary consultation!

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