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Why Restoring Your Health Isn't Good Enough

womans hands holding family cutoutYou want to be the best that you can be. We want you to be, too. When you fulfill your physical and mental potential, you can contribute more to the world. Everyone has their own unique gifts to share with the world. If you’re in pain or in survival mode, you won’t be able to share your gifts with the world, let alone thrive. At Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center, we want to take you to a level of well-being that you’ve never experienced before.

Restorative Vs. Reorganizational Healing

We like to discuss the difference between restorative healing and reorganizational healing with our patients. Restorative healing will take you back to the state you were in before you had discomfort or prior to being injured. It’s important to consider, however, that your problem was likely years in the making. If we take you right back to your pre-injury state, you’ll be where you were just before your challenge manifested itself.

Instead, we seek to bring you to reorganizational healing. We want to take you where you haven’t been before and enable you to do things you may have never dreamed possible.

Dr. Jackie’s Approach

“When I was a chiropractic assistant, I loved that the philosophy of chiropractic was all about living your best life. I saw miracle happen in the office. When I discovered NetworkSpinal Analysis, I found it married the chiropractic philosophy with the art of chiropractic. It’s a noninvasive method to empower you to live your greatest life.” Dr. Jackie St.Cyr

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