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How Often Should I Be Getting Adjusted?

manual adjustment on womans backIt’s not really a question of whether I should get adjusted, but more of how often I should get adjusted.

When beginning chiropractic care, most people start their corrective care at 3 times per week and gradually reduce the frequency over time. I mean you can’t argue that you won’t have a 6 pack unless you hit the gym consistently and maintain that for a lifetime. The same is true when regaining the health of your spine.

Most people who are referred to, or otherwise find their way to our office, have neglected their spine and/or body for many YEARS and they understand that getting back to wellness is a journey. Many finally arrive at our office because they just can’t live with the pain anymore, the stress is now overwhelming them, or they are just sick and tired of tolerating a less-than-optimal life and energy level for themselves. Finally, there are those who have no pain but come for optimal wellness because they heard how Network Care not only reduces pain but also improves quality of life!

Our goal here as your chiropractor in Houston, TX is to move our patients towards an optimized, healthy spine so they can live their full potential and share their gifts and purpose with the world. That is how we change the world, one spine at a time. Because, if you don’t have energy, you can’t give it away and ultimately the purpose of living is giving!

So, how often should you be getting adjusted? If you’re new to chiropractic, possibly very frequently. Eventually, many people settle into 4 times per month for their routine wellness visits; however, given the stress of today’s world most people love getting adjusted 6 to 8 times per month to help them stay energized, feel well, function well, and age well with more grace and vitality! That’s what it’s all about!

As we move into 2023, here are some questions to think about regarding your wellness routine:

  • How much better do your body and mind feel when getting adjusted regularly?
  • What do you feel your body really needs to function at its best?
  • What other goals do you have for your life and how will a healthy spine help you accomplish those?
  • What are my specific goals for different areas of my life:
  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Family
  3. Spiritual
  4. Financial
  5. Social
  6. Emotional/Mental
  7. Work/Career
  • Do I need a coach to help me grow and get where I want to be?
  • What other support systems can I set up?

At Innate Chiropractic, we care about our patients, body, mind, and soul, and that’s why we have always offered not only life-changing-chiropractic but also a wide array of classes, workshops, coaching, and personal development opportunities within our practice and to our community.

We look forward to serving more souls on more tables more often and to celebrating your progress and growth in the New Year, and for many more years to come!

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  1. Kerry Leigh Stiles says
    Dec 31, 2022 at 2:40 AM

    Wow! That is amazing. What a great article. So clear and compelling. An instructive and inspiring commentary on how I can benefit from prioritizing receiving care. Getting on the table more frequently will only improve my life! Thank you Dr. Jackie.

    • says
      May 06, 2023 at 2:53 PM

      Thank you Kerry! It's a joy to be connected and I am grateful for you! Hugs, Dr. Jackie

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