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Your Spine – The Gateway to Health

spinal column
By Jackie St.Cyr, D.C.

In 1895, a new paradigm of health and disease was born when Daniel David Palmer, D.C. delivered the first chiropractic adjustment, restoring the hearing of a janitor named Harvey Lillard.

Today, chiropractors around the world practice a wide diversity of healing modalities ranging from the full-spine structural adjustment to the light touch of NetworkSpinal.

Most people think that chiropractors are “bad back” doctors and do not understand that the root of chiropractic is about whole healing of the body, mind and spirit. People generally view chiropractors as doctors who “fix” bad backs, necks, cure headaches and relieve pain by “popping” your bones; but the story is not just about bones. Chiropractors facilitate and support the in-born (Innate) healing powers of your nervous system. Chiropractic is more than popping bones or “fixing” you, it is about enhancing your nervous system function so that you can heal and create greater well-being and health from within.

Chiropractic empowers you through your nervous system, the master system of your body, which gives life to and animates your entire being – body, mind, and spirit. The true purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is the reduction and correction of spinal subluxations, restoration of nervous system function and improvement of quality of life; personally and globally.

Your nervous system transmits your life force, animating your entire human experience. When life force is not fully expressed then we are not fully expressive of who we are. In other words, when there is decreased range of motion in your spine (subluxation), there is a resultant decreased range of motion in your being. Your relationship with others and your environment are dependent upon a clear and flexible nervous system. When your spine functions free of interference, a more effective connection and communication between all aspects of your being occurs. You become more able to adapt to stressful stimuli of everyday life; be they physical, chemical or emotional. Imagine the far-reaching effects this has on our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health; not to mention the health of our nation and world.

Here is a quick explanation of how your spinal communication network operates:

Your brain, the control center for the function of your body, extends down through the foramen magnum (a hole in the base of your skull) to form the spinal cord. These tissues are vitally important to life and must be protected; therefore they are housed within the hard bones of your skull and spinal column, which consists of 24 moveable vertebrae. Nerves branch from your spinal cord, extend out through the spinal column and then extend to reach every organ, muscle, tissue and cell in your body, controlling all functions – vision, hearing, physical sensations, smell, breathing, digestion, even your heartbeat and even your emotions.

When your vertebrae lose their normal position and/or motion this initiates an interruption in the flow of nerve impulses to your organs, muscles and cells. This disconnection prevents system communication, awareness and coordination, resulting in abnormal function and dis-ease.

The Chiropractic Adjustment helps restore your awareness and connection within yourself, improving your health and quality of life.

Chiropractic is a self-empowering, holistic approach to health care. Consistent Chiropractic care often leads to other beneficial lifestyle choices that support your health and well-being.

Listed below are some essentials for health that I incorporate in my practice with my care:

  • PROPER NERVE FUNCTION- Chiropractic adjustments help to restore nervous system function by releasing interference to and from the spinal cord and brain.
  • POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE- The body and mind are one, therefore we must keep a positive mental attitude for healing. You must change your mind before you can change your life.
  • ADEQUATE REST- Rest allows the body and mind time to heal.
  • PROPER NUTRITION- Vitamins from natural foods and supplements, as well and plenty of water intake, play a critical role in creating energy within your body and for the healing process.
  • EXERCISE AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY- Exercise increases blood flow, increases nervous system function and decreases pain.

Chiropractic works on the whole person not just the physical pain and symptoms you may be experiencing. Everyone can benefit from Chiropractic care. Its aim is not only to restore health, but to maintain it. I believe that the purpose of the Chiropractic adjustment is to empower new options in your nervous system and life, not merely to take you back to a place where you were before you became symptomatic. Healing is a process; there is no magical “pop” that will fix you.

Take responsibility for your health and participate with Chiropractic care. Open up your mind so you can open up your spine; your personal gateway to health, wholeness and YOU!

I practice a revolutionary Chiropractic technique called NetworkSpinal Analysis. Network is a very gentle yet powerful technique that is safe and effective for all ages. What happens in Network Care is that the body learns new strategies that enable it to connect to and release old tension patterns from past physical, chemical, or emotional trauma and stress.

As a practice member of Network Care myself, it changed my life, and my practice members report changes in many areas of their lives including decreased pain, better ability to handle stress and overall improved quality of life.

The results of Network Care are tremendous. In fact 95% of those receiving care have their expectations met or exceeded. My experience of the work assures me that I can expect the same to happen for you.

I invite you to make an appointment to have your spine checked. What works best for you, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday?

Call me today and let’s connect!

Dr. Jackie

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